(English) The Island Gathering Bahamas 2015

Once in a blue moon an event out of the norm is hosted and The Island Gathering is exactly that!
This year’s event consisted of many fabulous activities which took businessmen and woman alike, outside of their usual element and placed them into a location where intimate networking was enabled.
The event kicked off on November 8th with opening cocktails being served which lead late into the night. November 9th, 10th and 11th had attendees swimming with dolphins, playing golf with astonishing ocean views, America’s Cup racing sail boats and partaking in underwater activities.
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The highlight of the conference for affil4you was held on the night of Nov 11th where affil4you and ICM Registry teamed up and cosponsored a tropical event that is bound to be remembered.
As a 7 piece calypso band played live, the guests dined at custom made tables that were placed in the sand on the beach.
The delectable Bahamian buffet served was bountiful and the open bar provided everyone with unlimited beverages to quench their thirst.
After indulging in food and drink the attendee’s got to sit back and relax as the entertainment continued. From the seductive fire dancer to the very flexible limbo guy, the entertainment was well coordinated.
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To close the event a conga line was formed with professionally dressed locals that lead the guests around a blazing bonfire which was the perfect way in which to wrap things up.
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Affil4you and ICM Registry took great pride in hosting this event and hope that those who attended will forever remember their last night in the Bahamas.
For those of you who did not manage to conclude their business with Affil4you During this event, please drop us a line at sales@affil4you.com