iPhone Manufacturers Hiring Spree

As reported about today in mobile technology news, the industry giant known as Apple intends on substantially increasing their manufacturers production staff to cater to the supply and demand of their New iPhone 6 product line.
It is said that the new 4.7 inch iPhone 6 launch schedule has-been bumped and is now planned to be launched this coming fall. Rumor’s are going around that the iPhone 6 may be followed with a 5.5 inch phablet launch shortly there after but such information is yet to be confirmed by insiders.

Because of the ever growing popularity of the iPhone brand, Apple’s manufacturers ares currently recruiting over 100,000 people in China to accommodate the output of the new phone to ensure that once the item is on the market there is no shortage of the new device.

News such as this only supports the fact that the mobile industry continues to thrive!