Affil4you facture désormais les abonnées Free Mobile

Affil4You now offers billing services to all Free Mobile customers with the SMS payment for 4.50 EUR per video download. Nowadays, Free Mobile who is the French mobile carrier, has 5 million subscribers, the majority of which want to use the same payments services offered by their former operator. It is now possible thanks to Affil4You’s services. Sources : « We have much higher conversion rates with SMS billing than with Credit Card billing. » says Matthew, Marketing Manager of Affil4You. « We have seen a sharp increase in traffic from Free Mobile’s customers. It was about time to make the most of this mobile traffic. We are now albe to do it with the SMS billing. ». Editor’s note: unlike other operators, Internet+ payment for mobile is not available for Free (yet). « All Affil4You’s affiliates instantly benefit from this newbilling method and can see the first results by selecting the telecom operator FRA_FREE in the filters of their statistics. We are very proud to offer this transparency and detail to our affiliates. «  Says Sarah, Product Manager of Affil4You.